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An unapologetic portrait of iconic entertainer Mary Small, whose voice comforted millions through the Great Depression & WWII.

_The Little Girl with the Big Voice _examines the struggles of women and children in the early 1930’s and 40’s through the eyes of Mary Small, a child prodigy, restless wife and dedicated mother whose resilience in the face of constant challenges made her a defining symbol of her generation.

Very rare footage courtesy of Glenn Santos, showing the Mary Small show on the New Jersey Steel Pier and at the Hippodrome, circa 1936 and seen in the new documentary, “The Little Girl with the Big Voice”

MARY SMALL performs “A Beautiful Waste of Time”

In this YouTube clip, the poster uses the artwork of Harvey Kurtzman. Harvey Kurtzman was an American cartoonist and editor of comic books and magazines. His large body of work include writing and editing the  comic book Mad and Little Annie Fanny strips in Playboy.  Not sure why he selected this montage for the song, but it kind of goes well together, don’t you think?