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In this rare, rediscovered “By Request” ARMY-NAVY Screen Magazine episode, Mary Small sings requests from the troops. Incredible footage of American cities in the 1940’s. The Army-Navy Screen Magazine was a short film program, which was shown to the American soldiers around the world during World War II. It was produced from June 1943 until early 1946 by the Army Signal Corps under the supervision of director Frank Capra.

A film that examines the struggles of women and children in the early 1930’s and 40’s through the eyes of Mary Small, a child prodigy, restless wife and dedicated mother whose resilience in the face of constant challenges made her a defining symbol of her generation.


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Our Film Fervor Interview

Thank you Justin Kincaid for having us on your Film Fervor Podcast! 

is something I think a lot of people should really rally behind and definitely support.  I know that there are hundreds of thousands
of crowd funding campaigns out there but this one is definitely worth it because
it is a cultural icon.  Everybody in the
industry, male or female, we all sort of owe that type of homage to the people
of that era. -Justin Kincaid, Film Fervor