On this day in #history in 1921 singer Mary Small was born.  She would entertain audiences for over 70+ years yet die penniless and a ward of the court.  Her incredible life story is being told for the first time in a new documentary… The Little Girl with the Big Voice.

Thanks to Alan Eichler and the folks at Jasmine Records you can now hear many of Mary Small’s greatest hits compiled on their record, I Like It, I Like It. Thank you Alan for putting this amazing tribute together. You can get a copy of the CD simply by donating at our Kickstarter Campaign…


Thanks to Chris Foster who we met on Facebook for sending this picture of his father, William D. Foster USAF, dancing with Mary Small in Reno in 1952. Mr. Foster was serving in the USAF and had some time off and happened to meet Mary while he was off duty. He was also a great drummer and a Jazz lover. Thanks, Chris for this great picture! We also found a check on Ebay that seems to be for that era so we’ve included it too!

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An unapologetic portrait of iconic entertainer Mary Small, whose voice comforted millions through the Great Depression & WWII.

_The Little Girl with the Big Voice _examines the struggles of women and children in the early 1930’s and 40’s through the eyes of Mary Small, a child prodigy, restless wife and dedicated mother whose resilience in the face of constant challenges made her a defining symbol of her generation.

Today we were honored to receive the Stanford Law School Fair Use Project’s last letter, stating that the clips we identified in our film were likely protected by the Fair Use Doctrine. We are so sad to see this great program close down but hope our film, The Little Girl With The Big Voice, will one day serve as an example of what can be accomplished, and how history can be preserved with these types of efforts. Learn more at www.marysmall.net.