Our Film Fervor Interview

Thank you Justin Kincaid for having us on your Film Fervor Podcast! 

is something I think a lot of people should really rally behind and definitely support.  I know that there are hundreds of thousands
of crowd funding campaigns out there but this one is definitely worth it because
it is a cultural icon.  Everybody in the
industry, male or female, we all sort of owe that type of homage to the people
of that era. -Justin Kincaid, Film Fervor


David S. Siegel has done a tremendous job here in capturing the voices of a number of individuals who made such significant contributions to not just radio but our culture. He elicits more than just facts in these interviews, he allows these actors, singers and writers to really open up in ways they hadn’t before. My research into Mary Small benefited greatly from his interview with her and opened up new lines of investigation I would have otherwise not had. I am thrilled that this book is available to offer a glimpse into not just a different era, but in so many ways a different outlook on life and the entertainment business.

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An unapologetic portrait of iconic entertainer Mary Small, whose voice comforted millions through the Great Depression & WWII.

_The Little Girl with the Big Voice _examines the struggles of women and children in the early 1930’s and 40’s through the eyes of Mary Small, a child prodigy, restless wife and dedicated mother whose resilience in the face of constant challenges made her a defining symbol of her generation.


In memory of Julie Wilson, Mary Small’s friend and contemporary, who died today at age 90 in Manhattan, here is Mary discussing visiting Julie in London.  This interview is cut from a series of interviews done by David Siegel.  Rest in peace Julie, the world has lost another legend.  

After winning a singing contest on a radio show hosted by Mickey Rooney, she was offered an engagement at the Mocambo in Los Angeles. While there she met Cole Porter, who offered her the role of Bianca in the London production of “Kiss Me, Kate.” She remained in England through the early 1950s, appearing there in musicals including “Bet Your Life” and “South Pacific.”

-From her NY Times Obit today


I had the opportunity to sit down with Larry Gassman and Walden Hughes, two SPERDVAC boardmembers, a couple weeks ago to discuss my documentary, The Little Girl With The Big Voice. on their YesterdayUsa.com program, Same Time Same Station.

Larry and Walden were instrumental in pointing me in the right direction when I started doing my research on Mary Small and her contribution to radio and I owe them a great debt of gratitude.

Today we were honored to receive the Stanford Law School Fair Use Project’s last letter, stating that the clips we identified in our film were likely protected by the Fair Use Doctrine. We are so sad to see this great program close down but hope our film, The Little Girl With The Big Voice, will one day serve as an example of what can be accomplished, and how history can be preserved with these types of efforts. Learn more at www.marysmall.net.