In this clip Mary does some back and forth with Jimmy Stewart, pretending she’s a star-struck fan.  This was one of many stars Jimmy Stewart worked with in his life but I’d love to know if he ever had any reflections on her… it wouldn’t surprise me, Mary rubbed off the right way on almost everybody back then. Here’s a great blog dedicated to Jimmy Stewart.

This War Bond Rally radio spot from August 20, 1947 (possibly earlier as the war was over in 1945) on the show Guest Star features Mary Small and Jimmy Stewart.  In the first part of the recording posted here Mary sings.  In part two, included in the following post, Mary interacts with Jimmy Stewart, pretending to be his biggest love-struck fan.

More examples of her patriotic duties and charitable efforts during WWII and afterward are spread throughout this blog. I discovered this recording thanks to Jerry Haendiges at the Vintage Radio Place found @