Here’s a still from Radio Days which we couldn’t use in our documentary, The Little Girl with the Big Voice.  I’m still waiting on a response from Woody Allen that I sent over a year ago asking who inspired this character. I am almost certain it is a composite of Mary Small and Baby Rose Marie, but who knows? Hopefully Woody will see the film one day and let us know!

One of the great treasures I came across in researching entertainers who aided in the war effort for my film, The Little Girl with the Big Voice, was a recording Mary did with Jimmy Stewart. This clip comes from a bond rally show where Mary played an infatuated fan of Jimmy’s who didn’t realize he was standing right next to her.  Mary spent not only the war years supporting the effort but continued her support afterwards so that our veterans could be funded as well as the country.  They were both symbols of The Greatest Generation.

Thanks to Alan Eichler and Jasmine Records for this!  From the Liner Notes – The first-ever CD compilation featuring Mary Small, once known as ‘The Little Girl With the Big Voice’, a former child star of 1930’s vaudeville and radio who made dozens of recordings throughout her seven-decade career but until now, has never had an album of her own. The focus of this collection is on the long series of singles she made as an adult headliner in theaters and nightclubs during her 20-year marriage to TV and film composer Vic Mizzy.  Mary Small was one of the more talented and distinctive vocalists of her time and she sounds as fresh and exciting today as she did back then.

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