Collectible Matchbooks of Radio Stars from the 1930’s

A surprise find on a random Google images search brings up these promotional matchbooks distributed by NBC in the late 1930’s. This is the second one (from 1938) I’ve found.  A handful of stable stars were selected to appear on these and they probably lit a lot of cigarettes in the day.  

The matchbook cover reads:

Sixteen year old singing star who astounded listeners when she appeared as a guest star with Rudy Vallee five years ago.  Despite her youth, Mary is quite at home in front of a microphone.  Can learn a song in five minutes, and adopts it to her own style.  She was born in Baltimore on May 13* and has been singing since she celebrated her fifth birthday.

 *Mary’s birthday is listed as May 10th on IMDB and May 13th in a Press Release on her 13th Birthday.

The matchbooks were made by the Diamond Match Company which you can read more about here.