In this clip from The Little Girl with the Big Voice, Mary Small describes what it was like growing up as a child star in the 1930′s.  As she says in the film “So you see a child, particularly a girl in those days in the theater, there are two things to look at, you’re suppressed because you cannot play with kids your own age, which is a natural desire, and you are watched over so carefully that you feel like you’re doing something wrong… and you really just want to go rollerskating.”

From The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, October 21, 1949

Not sure what this article was trying to do or if it was planted but it has some interesting quotes about her marriage to Vic which make it feel forced, such as:

I can’t say marriage comes first,“ says blue-eyed Mary.  "Music comes first with me.  It comes first with my husband, and our marriage fits in.”


He was disgustingly precocious then,: quoth Mary, “but he’s extremely likeable now.”