Rare letter here from Mary Small to columnist for the Hearst papers, Mr. Louis Sobol.

Dear Mr. Sobol, From the child-prodigy days you were someone I’ve always had the warmest feelings for – a little girl can sense, in an adult, a niceness, when so many grown-ups are merely patronizing and ‘tolerant’ to tots. I’ve never forgotten it and it’s more than gratifying to know you haven’t changed an inch these many years later – now that I’m a ‘mommy’. It was so good to speak with you, however briefly – and I’m more grateful than I can say for the invaluable mentions. With fifteen years of affection.

Here’s his obit in the New York Times.

Now for something also interesting, I found an old diary transcribed for the net here… EILEEN’S DIARY. It’s a perfect window into the life of a typical radio listener in 1937.

Here is the long entry for Thursday, February 25, 1937:

Quite cold out. Leo’s foot better. Outdoors awhile to see calf again. Really cute. Mom says to call it “Martha.” Came on George’s birthday. Charlie Browning wanted me to come in in pm. to type. Steady job for as long as I want it. Really like it. My own desk & every thing. Went home at 6:00. Had to get some typing done. I did dishes. Listened to Rudy & Mary Small on Maxwell again. All 3 of us kids playing Solitaire. To bed at 9:30.

The Maxwell show was in 1937.  There’s more to this story as well…but it ain’t pretty.  Neither are the details of natural selection.

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