Mistaken Hour, a rediscovered short story by Mary Small from Women’s Home Companion, 1949.

Once again, not an easy find! This short story written by Mary entitled Mistaken Hour appeared in Women’s Home Companion July of 1949. You can actually click on the images to read the whole story.You may have to save the pages as images and zoom, but they should be legible. The plot revolves around a woman who needs a vacation from her busy schedule and ends up almost having an affair behind her husband’s back with a young swimming instruction at the resort she’s staying at. Quite racy for the time.

From MagazineArt.org:

WHC was one of the American women’s magazines that truly helped shape our lives in the past century. It began humbly 1874 as THE HOME in Cleveland, Ohio, and through a series of changes and mergers became the LADIES’ HOME COMPANION in 1886. Changing title again to WOMAN’S HOME COMPANION in 1897, it grew and became one of the most popular of the women’s magazines, and lasted into the third quarter of the twentieth century. At one point its claimed circulation was four million, and dozens of famous authors wrote fiction and fact articles for the magazine

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