Follies – 1983 – From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 11, 1983

Here again it looks like either a reporter is not getting her facts straight or Mary is trying to fib about her age because the article says she introduced by Rudy Vallee to audiences in the 40’s, which is about a decade off.

Mary Small is best known locally for helping to found the Variety Club with Johnny Harris and the KDKA Milk Fund.  But people across the nation know her as Little Miss Bab-O, a name she acquired from the sponsor of her radio show, Babbitt’s CLeanser.

Rudy Vallee introduced Small to the public in the late ‘40’s, when she was an 8-year-old singer.  She garnered a huge audience with her NBC radio program and later moved to CBS where she shared a late-night spot with Frank Sinatra.

I was an exploited child with a stiff upper lip.  The voice hasn’t changed, it was always an adult voice.  But now I’ve grown into it.  They never let me date, so I married the first boy I dated.  I don’t recommend it,“ she adds with a laugh.

Now divorced from Vic Mizzy who wrote the theme song for "Green Acres” and “The Addams Family,” Small makes her home in Manhattan and is still working hard.  A former headliner at New York’s Copacabana, the Flamingo in Las Vegas and the London Palladium, she now performs mostly on Broadway, most recently in Neil Simon’s “Little Me” with James Coco.

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